Le Zero is the musical alter ego of Amin Khatir, a Zurich based producer and musician.
Already as a child, he became a music fanatic and had listened to the whole of his parent’s huge and varied record collection by the age of 8. In his teens he couldn’t only listen anymore and started playing bass in some local bands, before moving to Zurich for studies. He still played bass, but became then more and more interested in the production part of music and set a small studio in the Zurich-suburbs that he is still running to this day.

Le Zero’s music is as multifaceted as him. He tries to capture everydays experiences and encounters and translates them into music, with the help of different acoustic and electronic instruments, sometimes good and sometimes cheap equipement and a small but effective collection of vintage effects. His vision is music with no preconception about style, influence or trends and his passion is spending hours in catching the right sound, rather than rocking the stages.

He has previously released two EPs, one Album and some contributions on the compilations of the netlabel Alpinechic that range from cool electro to straight rock and is now continuing his musical trip with “The Entry” as a bassist and producer.