A kaleidoscope of sounds and a rainbow of emotions. That’s SummerMay. Layers of atmospheric sounds fluctuating between melancholic and energetic parts making you suddenly realize that there is more than what meets the eyes.

“The Mexican” is an EP that follows a period of redefinition, after two of it’s five members for health and personal reasons left the band.
“The Mexican” has more rock guitars a la Led Zeppelin than the previous EP, but because of constant experimentation, does not loses the melancholy and the ethereal sound early fans would expect.
The darker voice of the singer fits well the color spectrum of the sound and the energy of the music. Influences of Rock’n’Roll to post-punk, shoegaze up to indie rock are definitely present but without categorizing the band in a particular genre.

The emotions found on “The Mexican” radiate on stage through the unparalleled energy and enthusiasm of it’s members.
SummerMay is known and keeps on managing to bring the listener on a journey and hopefully in the place the band like to call the “Twilight Zone”.